Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Job

I thought I'd give you an idea of how my day runs here in Cozumel. I set my alarm for 7am and leave my apartment by 8, then I drive to the hotel I work in. I walk through the staff entrance of the hotel to my dive shop which is right on the beach. Usually I stop and take a look up the beach to see how the ocean is behaving that day (a bit like checking my e-mail first thing at the American Club!). Rosie works in the shop: Usually she starts every day with a prayer on the beach for good luck with $$$ that day. She also pays us and gives me advice on Mexican men and cooking. Go Rosie!
I am one of three instructors. Here are Fernando and I in our uniforms - one of our students took this picture:
And here is Luis:
As soon as we get to the shop we load up tanks and set them up by the pool, as bait. Now we sit in wait until customers attracted by the 'scuba lessons at 9' sign come over and ask us what its all about. Usually we get 4-5 people. We teach a short classroom session and then jump into the pool with the students. The pool is around 65 degrees and the worst part of the day is jumping in htere. This is me with Emily working on equalizing:After the pool we encourage people to sign up for a beach dive. So far we've made no money so this is the important part. We usually have a good sign up rate. We earn $26 per diver who agrees to come for a 'discover scuba' dive with us.
At around 12 we head off to Sunset Beach. Here I am breaking down gear after a dive:We work in rotation, so every 3 days its my turn to teach the discover class in the pool. The other two act as back up - bringing gear etc. The person teaching the pool takes the first 4 divers to the beach. If more than 4 sign up a second instructor comes along. In addition to the discover scuba lessons, we also teach certifications - mostly Open Water Diver. When its busy we usually have one or two certifications on the go. We also take turns in teaching the three day cert courses. Yesterday I started teaching a certification for two guys and taught the discover course in the pool because Fernando and Luis were already in the middle of certification courses. Its busy right now but we're making a nice amount of money. This is good because many on the Island now are having trouble finding work.
After work I generally come home, listen to 'The Archers' on the radio, have lunch, call parents or friends, take a 2 hour nap, go to yoga and then meet up with friends or boyfriend.
Might I add that when its not my pool day and there are no certifications, I can be finished work by 10.30. I like these days almost as much as my day off. They are true rest days because I have nothing planed and can laze around my apartment.
Stay tuned for apartment pics!

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