Sunday, May 18, 2008

Craw fish Broil....

On Saturday I went to a Craw fish broil at Tom and Michelle Henessey's house in Fairfield Connecticut. It was good fun. I took a friend of mine Aaron who kindly drove. I have injured my back pretty badly which is no fun and Aaron kindly agreed to drive. It took 2 1/2 hours to get there so i was very pleased to have company. In return I sang lots of songs to Aaron (he was too shy to say but I think he was very taken with my angelic tones).

So craw fish? Well its an effort to eat these little puppies. We were blessed with an expert from New Orleans, who instructed us in craw fish disassembly. First pull off the little guys head (oh and by the way if he has a straight tail discard the poor critter died before he had the chance to be broiled alive). Then squeeze the tail until you hear some cracking and then bit the body with your teeth and pull it out. A lot of work for a little bit of meat.

Lovely to see Tom and Michele and we've made plans to go out to dinner in the city soon. Also met lots of people I'd known through Michele years ago. Of course I'd forgotten all of their names - they all seemed to know everything about me. Sometimes I curse my terrible memory.

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