Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gabi Krocova & new hubby Jirka

I met my friend Gabi back when I was a cocktail waitress in the Purple Moose Saloon (a rock bar in Ocean City Maryland). She's from the Czech Republic. We were good friends that summer - must have been 1998. Since, I've visited Gabi in Prague and she's been to NYC three times. Gabi now works for Deloitte & Touche (obviously Gabi is a little more gifted in the brains department than me). Anyway she's been on an 18 month placement in San Jose - I know I should have visited. She married Jirka (you pronounce the 'J' like a 'Y' in Czech - just like Spanish). Jirka is a big guy, he likes mountain biking and seems pretty cool. They were on a 6 week road trip around the US before heading back to the CR. I like friend's like Gabi - doesn't matter how often we see each other, its always the same as ever - just like two peas in a pod:) Gabby endorsed my Mexico plans and her husband seems to think it was a great idea too. Gabi thinks she might feel like doing the same after a few more years at Deloitte. We had a good night of beers and chatting. I would like to go to Prague some time soonish. I definitely hope they come to see me in Mex!

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