Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday at Dutch

Had a lovely day today, diving at Dutch Springs with Jose, Stephany, Fernando, Willie and Lennie. Stephany did her first dive since her Open Water Check out dives and besides being the only one freezing her ass off in a wet suit, did very well. My back was great. I think diving did it the world of good (despite carrying doubles and a stage bottle). Jerry came too as did Fernando's lovely wife Catherine and their very cute and incredibly well behaved baby - Fernando Jr.
Willie was relaxing in the sun before the dive....
We were practicing valve drills (still can't reach my stupid valves well -hoping Jeff's tanks will be easier), moving stage bottles around and shooting lift bags for our advanced nitrox check out dives in Canada with Charlie next weekend. I wanted to see what my trim looked like. The water was 46 F/8 C. Which is a little chilly. Actually my dry suit kept me nice and warm but I'd left my hyperstretch hood at home and the hood I was wearing left my forehead exposed - ice cream headache! Jose(3), Fernando(2) and I (1) diving....
video video video

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