Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling rehydrated and rested...

At last I seem to have drank enough water to feel back to normal. I actually got cold during Batman. Willie is a great advice giver and gave me some peals of wisdom on the way home from the Movie.
As a side, I think I read somewhere that Heath Ledger's role as the joker may have pushed him into the mental state that lead to his overdose. He played a good role as the insane joker and I guess he really had to get mentally into that place to be convincing. That made me think of a little postcard that a friend used to keep on her fridge 'you are not what you do'. It got me to thinking that you do tend to become precisely what you do. Like Heath becoming manic after getting into his part as the crazy joker; me becoming panicked about Mexico because I let myself get tired and start to allow crazy out of control worries take hold. I was watching 'Sex in the City' on my i-pod and that too made me think about how many girls spend all of their time ruminating about men and their relationships instead of just letting them happen. I see many of my friends in complete (crazy) states of panic about what the latest little comment their boyfriend made really means - what a waste of energy.
So I decided I'd fallen off the healthy mind and body wagon recently. NOt going to the gym enough, eating and drinking too much, sleeping not enough, watching too much nonsense on television. Taming the mind and being at peace where you are takes constant effort, and it's so well worth it to feel peaceful about life.
So I wiped all of the TV shows off my i-pod this morning so that I can be disciplined enough to read on the PATH. Reading and the gym I think are the ways for me to stay well grounded during this little transition. Lets not underestimate the value of a good afternoon snooze (work is a little inconvenient in this regard, I'll admit).

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