Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am zapped...

Partially because I taught a scuba class in doubles in 96 degrees yesterday, bruised the sole of my foot and lost a peal stud earring and partly because my week was so draining, but I feel like somebody picked me up like a wash rag, twisted me up and rang me out. I've drank tons of water today and am still dehydrated. I laid in a tub of cold water to try to cool down and I still have a high temperature. Lesson - I've been trying to do too much, with too much going on in my head. Last night I went out for a nice dinner I'd been looking forward to, and could hardly talk because I was so physically and mentally exhausted -not such great company!
I guess last week was a bit of a roller coaster: work, thinking of resigning, my dad possibly being ill, thoughts of not being able to go to Mexico, things making me feel like staying in NJ wouldn't be so bad, money and the lack of it, and the prospect of more of it and whether money is even important to me. Its a big muddle.
The aim for this week is to rest up. Its my Birthday on Tuesday and I'm hoping to go out with some of my favorite people - Willie, Jerry, Jeff, Colleen, Jose, Fernando/ Catherine.
Mexico is actually quite a simple move and not an irreversible decision. I can come back if it is not quite right for me and I am pretty sure a change of pace and a less materialistic existence is just what I need. I plan to stay in touch with all of the important people in my life from NYC. Being drained makes me quite irrational.
Ohh... Willie just called me and invited me out to see Batman. This will be just the thing to make me feel better. AC, a movie, popcorn with one of my best, most kind hearted friends. I'm sure I can also snag a big hug from Willie. I think its my guardian angle working his magic again. Now if he can look after Dad and get me a little bit of energy this week....

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