Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well I handed in my resignation at work today. Given how worried I'd been about it, it worked out pretty well. My direct line manger was a little shocked but essentially said good luck and your always welcome back. The CEO and I talked for about an hour and I was really able to explain my thinking. Again he understood and was very positive. My friend Vicki who heads up HR also took the news well. She knows Mexico from numerous vacations and can see the draw. It was a sad thing to do and people seemed a little disappointed but supportive, so all in all it was successful. I do now feel like I have crested a hill and that things will be easier here on in. It will certainly be sad to leave work, as really a lot of the people I work with are like family. I think this happens more when you live in a country that's not your own. Still I hope to maintain these friendships. In many ways I think I'd gotten the hard part out of the way the week before when I'd been in such an anxious stew about whether or not I was doing the right thing. I've also paid to get my furniture stored and have a quote for moving it all into storage. Its all starting to come together now.

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