Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Spent July 4th at Bob's house with Carey. He has a nice bunch of low key people staying in the house this year. Friday Parker from work also came down for the day. I like Parker a lot but I don't much care for mixing work and home life. Its inevitable that work talk comes up and it just makes me very uneasy.

Friday night we grilled and had some wine, sat in the hot tub.

Saturday we took a drive to Sea Bright to try to see a pod of dolphins that swam up the river there. We weren't the only ones who'd had this idea and there was lots of excitement by the river - reported spottings etc. Sadly we did not see the dolphins. We did have a nice lunch in a bar that reminded me of one of the bars I used to go to in Ocean City. Carey and I then went boat shopping with Bob. Boats are not actually that expensive. Its something I would really like to have. We took a look at a $250k boat with a fairly big exotic cabin downstairs. Love sleeping on boats. Then we looked at some smaller boats in the $10-20k range. I bought myself a heavy waterproof boat jacket for Cozumel because the rain down there can be torrential and you get freezing on the boat when you get wet.

In the evening I was having trouble getting together any kind of energy to go out. I just cant seem to manage to get excited about going out to drunken bars these days. We did eventually go out and ended up getting a little tiddled and going to a bar by the beach. I was kind of pleased I had gone because I randomly bumped into a student of mine from last year and it was nice to reconnect.

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