Sunday, July 13, 2008

Other bits of the weekend

I'd actually taken Friday off work which was really nice. After the first day of lectures I'd planned to stay at the Quaker Woods camp ground. Mostly because I wanted a peaceful weekend and I know so many people at Dutch Springs (where I teach scuba in the summer) that I was worried camping there would just be very 'busy'. Well as I neared 'Quaker Woods' I became a little bit concerned re the nature of the country I was driving into (the little ditty from 'Deliverance' sprang to mind). After a few wrong turns I eventually found the camp site. On turning in I decided to lock my doors. I have never been in a trailer park, but this place was very reminiscent of the gypsy camp in the RICHES:
Now I probably have a pretty good appreciation of alternate lifestyles, and find traveling folk interesting, but I felt like a foreigner in strange land in this place, and decided to go with my gut feeling and move on. I did see a pretty interesting license plate that I could not help snapping:
I was very sad not to see the matching 'HERS' truck. Hans/ Allie have you never fancied getting his and hers trucks - I think it would be hot:)
Get me out of here a little voice in my head was screaming! So I decided to head to safe territory and made my way to Dutch Springs. I camped out of the way up on a hill and sat on my beach chair while the sun went down, drinking ginger ale and reading 'People' magazine (What can I say - I'd reached spiritual capacity!).
Sue arrived on Saturday and it was really nice to see her again. We are very similar in many ways and it was cool to have someone to discuss what we'd learned that day with. We also drank wine and ate pasta then brought a few sneaky beers back to Dutch Springs and chatted until it got dark. My tent is awesome (thanks parents for an inspired Christmas gift and Jude and Robin for my lovely cosy sleeping bag).

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