Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sometimes when I'm a bit down - someone pop's up and says exactly the right thing to cheer me up and I think - yup that's my guardian angel at work. Like today I was having a panic attack about moving to Mexico (I was tired and I always feel a bit insecure about things when I'm tired).

So I'm standing waiting for the PATH when a pretty good looking young man walks up to me and says - you work for Hoboken Dive Center right. I said grumpily that I used to but we'd recently parted company (then I realized, hold on good looking guy - grumpiness no good- smile and be cute). So I say more cheerily, well I did work there but I'm moving to Mexico in September and they decided they wanted to build customer loyalty in their new instructors (bla, bla bla - niceness...). So turns out this guy - Matt just handed in his resignation that day to go off for 6 months traveling around the Far East/ Australia, with an open mind on whether or not he would be returning. This guy then went on to give me exactly the talking to I needed about offices not being healthy places for anyone really and how great it was that I was doing something I loved, that I could always come back etc....

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