Monday, June 30, 2008

Onset of Panic!!!

Well perhaps a little dramatic. I am exhausted. After teaching Eric almost every night last week, I taught an advanced class this weekend. Today I feel like crap and like lying in bed all day would be a very attractive prospect (actually calling in sick would be nice - but every day is $$$). Being so drained has really made me feel a bit jittery about this move. I feel urges to buy loads of things - like my favorite shampoo or a million pairs of sunglasses, or baby sunblock - then I remember Allie's words of wisdom ' Remember that you can buy things in Mexico too'. It is starting to worry me that I have nowhere to live (I really should call Jose and Miguel or even Julio). I am making sentimental attachments like crazy. This new dive shop I'm working for has super nice staff and I'm thinking - what a nice bunch of people and I'm never going to see them again; Alex the guy who watches the water at the quarry; just the quarry itself and teaching people there; Jose and Fernando; Carey; Michele; Jeff; the people at work; my apartment; sushi. I'm in a crazy worry spiral. I have high hopes that a few good nights sleep will bring me back into the land of the sane.

Also last night was my last, last dinner with Cat (She leaves today and does not plan to be back in NYC til December). Actually Cat leaving, although sad, is kind of one of the things that keeps me feeling OK. I remind myself that she is managing a move without the world falling apart. It also reminds me that the good friends I have in the States are dwindling (hell two of them are in Mexico).

I do still think it is rational to stock up on Joico Shampoo and perhaps a few more good quality bikinis:)

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