Friday, June 20, 2008

Rainbow Rooms

I'm generally not tremendously into corporate events but my company's Annual Dinner at the Rainbow Rooms in NYC was quite nice. I guess my days of cocktail parties will soon be over. To be honest though although they are kind of nice, I'd rather have a picnic on the beach:) Not a huge fan of people who blart on about how successful they are/ how much money they earn - in all fairness they may not enjoy my conversation either (highly unlikely as my cocktail chatter is pretty dazzling). Here are the views from the cocktail hour:
Central Park

Empire State
I have to say I do quite like dressing up in a cocktail dress - this is me with one of the daughters of our shipowners - Cigdem (pronounced 'cheekdem'). She's a really nice person - Turkish - also very beautiful. There was also dancing to a pretty cool Jazz band - Vicki and Eddy:

At this point in the evening I took a look around and decided that there were a lot of people at the American Club and in the shipping business who are pretty darn nice - Hell I love some of these guys!John Karpousis and Gina Venezia:
Gina and Muge ('Moogay'):After dinner we had a hard time getting a cab - so John Dorothea and I took one of those bicycle cabs it was actually pretty fun and one of the things that I always meant to do in NYC - would also like to take a horse ride through Central Park:

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