Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heat Wave....

Summer has definitely arrived. Yesterday the temp gauge hit 95 degrees! I washed my car, took out most of my scuba gear and picked Jeff up to go to the beach.
In New Jersey you are not allowed to drink on the beach and for years I have obeyed this ordnance to the letter. Jeff, however is a bit of a rebel so we snuck beer and Kahlua onto the beach in slurpy cups. It was a nice afternoon. It was unbearable hot in the parking lot - less than 400 meters from the beach, but on the beach there was a really nice breeze. I soon gave up on the Kahlua and fell into a deep beach snooze. I had been a bit sloppy in applying my sunblock but was having such a great snooze that I threw caution to the wind. Today I'm a LITTLE bit pink, but its not too bad. The only down side of the cooling breeze is that it was a little too cold to go into the ocean (temps are probably still in the 50s which is OK if its hot on the beach so you can thaw out after your swim).

After the beach we went to Union Landing for some Alaskan crab claws and shrimp, then drove to Staten Island to have a drink with Jenn who is a friend I used to work with, who's now living in Florida.

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