Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ant attack

Every year a bold band of ants try to take over my bathroom. The first year I was a novice. I'd also begun reading about Buddhism and didn't want to kills creatures for fear of opening murderous doors in my Karma. I figured I'd let the little guys be. So long as they occupied territory to the south of the actual toilet I felt we could live in peace (in fact I kind of enjoyed watching them on my windowsill). This all changed when they took ground on the sides on my bath tub, making it impossible for me to take a bath without risk of getting ants in my hair. I also managed to kill a good handful every time I took a shower. This was the last straw. I reasoned that killing say 20 ants in the process of spraying the bathroom with insect spray would be better than killing 5-10 every time I took a shower. So I went out and purchased 'Raid'. A few lives were lost in the initial onslaught but I try to scare them out of the areas I'm going to spray before I open fire. Ultimately I was victorious and once again supreme ruler of the bathroom.

We go through this routine every summer. One or two scout groups at first and then after weeks of recognisance missions a bid is made for take over. This year however I suffered a sneak attack. A take over play without warning. I got home from the beach/ dinner in Staten Island and the bathroom floor was a sea of ants. Luckily, I had Raid left from last year. I'll be honest it was a bit of a blood bath. Many good souls perished, but harmony once again reigns in the bathroom and I like to think that I may have helped speed those little souls to a reincarnation as more enlightened beings.

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