Thursday, June 26, 2008

Private Student - Eric

Charlie referred a private student to me this week. Its been tough because he lives about 40 mins, kick ass, drive from here and I've been heading over after work. Its been kind of nice though. The guy works in the shipping business - possible contact for a return to NY I'm thinking. His house is awesome. He has a lovely wife (Camile), who keeps wanting to feed me - I like women who try to mother me, a son Eric Jr and a cute Golden Retriever dog. The pool he has is salt water so doesn't dry out my hair. He seems pretty excited about scuba and my awesome teaching skills:) So much so that he says that next time he and his family/ friends charter a yatch around the Caribbean he'll pay for me to fly out and be their dive guide. He wants me to do check out dives for him and for his son to audit. Nice homey night.

The other thing I like about this place is the drive home. The fire flies are amazing - they light up the trees like Christmas tree lights. Then there are the deer. Tonight I slowed down and stopped as I passed a doe and she spent about a min looking into my car at me. Really pretty. I'll have my camera tomorrow - but inevitably the deer wont be out then.

I guess I'm a city kid - not used to these exciting country sights:) Ah Bed Time ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

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