Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lovely Weekend...

The weather was lovely this weekend. I spent the whole weekend helping an instructor, Bob Marks, from Lehigh Valley Dive shop teach Open Water and peak performance buoyancy dive classes. Fernando came too to finish up his DM dives:
Fernando and Bob

I really enjoyed teaching and Bob was a good instructor to work with. His OW students were 16 and 20, and nice kids. The girl Vicki seemed a little nervous and I enjoyed helping her with her buoyancy and mask skills. I had decided to camp at the quarry. It had been 85 degrees all day and after the classes were done I set up my tent. Bob had asked me to join him for dinner and we went to a diner close to the quarry. As we left the restaurant the heavens opened. I drove back to Dutch Springs and my little tent in typhoon like conditions:
Happily when I got inside the tent all was cosy and dry:
I could hear from the conversation outside that Vicki's (the 16 yr old student) tent had not fared so well. A little angel appeared on my left shoulder saying 'Anna let Vicki sleep in your tent', but then an angel wearing a red dress, on my right, reasoned that I would get no sleep sharing my little tent and that in the long term only Vicki could suffer from the diminished instruction she would receive from a sleep deprived instructor. I decided to let things play out and happily, Chris her co-student's parents came to her rescue and let her stay in their hotel room. I read some Spanish poetry, listened to the rain on my tent, listened to a meditation pod cast and fell into a wonderful deep sleep. I heard someone say that a bigger storm was forecast before they all headed off in their cars.. but I cant say if that happened or not, because I was out cold within 30 mins. The next thing I new I was waking to birds singing. I got up and took a hot shower. Before going to Wegmans for coffee, I wandered down to the lake. I took this picture of carp swimming under some thistles and also the old quarry stacks - reflected in the lake, almost like a perfect mirror.

Fernando came back on Sunday with Catherine and the baby and I decided to do the first dive and then have a catch up with Catherine and sit out in the sun. I also met a nice DM from Lehigh Valley named Jennifer who lives in Edgewater and a guy Trace who is a tech instructor for Lehigh. Cat called to say she was in from Germany for the next three weeks and the day ended perfectly with a glass of wine and a snack with Cat and Beth. Sounds like Cat is still in the difficult stage of her move (which as I recall can last for quite some time), but I'm sure all will be awesome when she gets into the groove of the place.

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mexpat said...

Sounds like a nice weekend- love the photo with the fish and flowers. So... Fernando has taken to completing his DM with Lehigh now, huh?!?!? Muy interesante! :)