Monday, November 17, 2008


Well these past three months have been a bit of a bust exercise wise for me. The last month in New York was too hectic and since I got here I've just been a bit apathetic (its too hot, too humid, I have too much to organize, its my first week of work, there are no good gyms - bla, bla, bla). Well the time has come to kick all of those excuses to the curb. I do not need a gym to work out. I have running shoes and free weights and I know exactly what to do with them.
So today I finished work early came home and changed right into my running gear. OK lets see what I can do. It all started well. But after 15 mins things started to get tough (bear in mind that only three months ago in NYC I was running 40-50mins each day before work). OK I decided, its the first day. Tomorrow I'm going to aim for 20 mins, then 25, 30 and so on. Its always difficult to move from tread mill to street and after a 2 month break what did I expect.
Refusing to become disheartened I walked briskly home and pulled out my free weights. I have all of the old work out schedules that I did with my personal trainer Anna in NJ and did a thirty min upper body routine. In less than 1 1/2 hours every day I can run and do a weights routine - also I have yoga.
I love my yoga class and rely on it for upkeep of my general feeling of well being but it is not pushing me physically. I think my arms may be sore tomorrow but Its nice to have made the first step back int0 a regular exercise routine.

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