Monday, November 10, 2008

Relaxing weekend

I was able to take Sunday of work; Hans is back in NJ for the week so Allie decided to come over for the weekend. We had a really great time. First a glass of wine on my balcony and then dinner at Especias. 1.5 Tequila LoungeEspecias is on 5th Street on the corner with 10th Avenue. I recommend this restaurant highly. I had a shrimp curry and Allie a tuna steak. Very tasty. There was also a guitarist who sang 'Piano Man' in Spanish. Probably some of the best food on Cozumel. By popular demand I brought my camera along:
After dinner we retired back to the balcony for another glass of wine and a debrief on the 7 days since we'd last seen each other. It had been a busy week. I'd started working, Allie had started German classes. We also like to trade yoga stories. Allie is studying to be a yoga teacher and I like to hear what's she's learned and there are were some interesting anecdotes from my week of classes with Selene.
On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Jeanie's Waffle House (great freshly squeezed orange juice) and then drove to the East side of the Island via its Southern point. Driving South we stopped to look at (and feel) blow holes on the craggy shore line. The rocks on the water's edge cover underwater caves and holes in the roofs of these caves blast out air and spray every time a wave floods the cave. When the wave ebbs back to the ocean a vaccum is created in the cave and air is sucked back in. The air sucks in and blows out with quite some force. Allie had previously described this on her blog as sounding like the ocean was breathing - pretty cool - like a sleeping dragon. Its a reminder of how powerful, as well as peaceful, the ocean is.Then we went to my favorite beach spot - Punta Morena. As you can see the beach is pretty crowded: I love to watch the surfers off to the left and then swim off to the right of the point. We didn't swim today because, although the air temperature was around 82 degrees, there was a cool breeze and we decided drying off might be a little chilly (we did not want to risk goose bumps - I know my friends freezing in NY will appreciate this).


Christine A. said...

Hi Anna! Missing you from NJ! I sent you an email but you may not have received it. Im very glad you are doing so well. Can't wait to visit! Christine A.

Anna said...

Hey Christine, missing you too. Should be back for a while next September - but would love you to visit:)


Johnny said...

Thanks for the tip, I went for dinner there last night and had the grouper and a massive marguerita. Grouper is certainly the tastiest fish I ever had!!! Definitely the best place I´ve been since I arrived Saturday. All of it for less than 200 pesos, try that closer to the plaza.