Friday, November 7, 2008

How I'm feeling about my move to Mexico

I feel very at home in my new apartment. I keep things very clean so there have been no roach sightings for weeks.

I sleep very well. In New York I would fall asleep staring at my ceiling fan and in that moment before I'd drop off I'd feel very lonely. New York is a very anonymous city and you feel pretty insignificant there. Here I tend to go to bed not long after finishing yoga or Meditation, or hanging out with friends. I fall asleep feeling well with a cool wind breezing over me.

Which brings me onto yoga and Meditation. I'm pretty much going to class ever day during the week. Its affecting me quite profoundly. On the physical level I can almost feel all of the bones and muscles in my body pulling back into place after years of being hunched over a computer in an office. On a spiritual level things are definitely moving. I have always found patience and acceptance of things 'just as they are' to be very difficult. I'm a fixer and standing still is not always comfortable. Through the chakra work we've been doing I've been able to vent a lot of my frustrations and this has brought about subtle changes in my ability to trust that all will turn out, as it should, in time.

I've made some really nice friends. Of course I have Allie and Hans in Playa and some potentially close friendships developing here. Hoping to spend some time with Allie this weekend.

Being in the Ocean every day is an amazing meditation in itself - I love letting my body float to and fro in the surge off sunset beach. Diving is a time when I am right there in the moment (Zen and the art of scuba diving!). Teaching people to dive tends to bring about excitement and happiness in them which leaves me feeling pretty warm.

What do I miss. Well this is a tough one. I miss my gym and wish there was an air conditioned gym with a treadmill close by. I miss the food in the US - but am loosing weight as a consequence which is no bad thing. I miss friends: Jose, Fernando, Michele, Jeff, Stuart MacD, Carey, Gina V, Christine N & A, the guys at work. I definitely miss my little family at SCB. I also miss my friend Catherine who's working in Germany now. I miss our long talks over glasses of wine, good music and cheese or Sushi. Cat you need to get your flight booked to visit!!


Jose said...

Anna, although I am glad that things are working out well over there... you are tremendously missed here too. Fernando is in PA and you're over there, I feel so disconnected from diving not having my two best buddies. I say we need to do a reunion tour in the spring. We'll always have Canada, but I would also like to go over there. When would be a good (cheap) time to go over there?

Gary said...

Hey Anna, Been following your blog. Just want to tell you how much I admire your courage for doing the things you have done. Most of us will get old and regret not doing the things they really wanted to do, like living in Mexico. The courage to jump from Newcastle to NYC, then to leave the career you built to start anew is amazing to me. You are really an inspiration to me - thanks and keep it up!

Gary Strevell

Anna said...

Hey Jose - Check the flights - anytime is good for me. You are welcome to stay with me - the weather is cool enough to do without A/C. We could do a cavern dive too which I think you would really like. Beach diving is virtually free.
I would LOVE for you to visit!

Anna said...

Hey thanks Gary - flattered you're keeping up with my blog:)

Cat said...

Missing you lots too! Your life sounds like paradise and exactly what you wanted! I am looking forward to sharing it for a week soon! Flights on the way! : D Is La Lobsteria really gone?

Anna said...

Cat - La Lobsteria is still here - its now called El Bistro! Can't wait tp go there with you - Mamasitas!!!