Monday, November 17, 2008

Out with friends

Friday night I headed over to Playa for a girls night out. Sophia was back from NJ (with a new book for me!); Allie met me from the ferry and we walked up to Sophia's new gym to meet her. Sophia walked us round her gym and I must admit I was filled with the desire to get back into my crazy exercise routine. Just look at the locker rooms:

And the new state of the art equipment would put even the best NY gyms to shame. Unfortunately Cozumel has no such luxury gyms. In fact I have yet to find a gym with a working treadmill! There is a gym being built just behind Chedraui though. Apparently this gym will be around $80 per month. When I start earning some money this will be well worth it. Once I'd recovered from the envy I felt over Sofia's gym we went off to meet Katie for dinner at Babe's, a Thai restaurant on 5th Ave:
Left to right: Katie, Sophia and Allie
Katie, Allie and I split a bottle of wine. Sophia brought news of friends in New Jersey. Katie is a, very nice, friend of Allie's. She Russian/ Georgian and is the only girl/ person I know who thinks Bull Sharks are 'cute' and is scared to death of butterflies. I would not have believed this if I had not seen her screaming and fleeing in terror from some beautiful red admiral butterflies the last time we all went cave diving together. We then decided to take a stroll down 5th Ave to a bar on the beach for a drink before my ferry. Sophia had problems getting out of her chair after a killer work out with her personal trainer (yup jealousy is a terrible thing), and swaggered down 5th like a cowboy:)
We sat at a bar I'd been two a number of times with Allie. Normally we are either the only table or one of two or three groups sitting on the beach. Tonight we had to wait for a table. It seems the high season is hitting Playa Del Carmen before Cozumel.Allie looking beautiful on the beach
I took the 11pm ferry which was fine. I slept most of the way and was in my bed proper by 12. On Saturday morning I dragged myself into work but it was Javier's day and so I was out of there by 10. I jumped into bed for an hours more sleep (loving these mid day snoozes) and then headed off to see Monica. I was very happy when Monica suggested that we head to the beach and a bar called the 'Money Bar' for lunch.
Beach at money bar
We ate too much, and then retired to sun loungers to digest the food and discuss our weeks and plans for the weeks to come. We definitely decided to try to go diving together next weekend. Its been a while for Monica and she needs a refresher but I think she'll be a nice dive buddy:Monica in the sun
We also went swimming a few times. The Ocean was flat calm and you could see pipe fish and others schooling below. Monica is truly one of the most content people I've ever met and a pleasure to spend time with. We pretty much share the same views on many topics and have no problem filling hours musing over exercise, relationships, ways to make money while not working too hard, spiritual stuff. Its nice.


Johnny said...

In reply that your observation that the high season in PdC is starting before Cozumel, I must say that I am not surprised. After spending Sunday to Tuesday waiting for the harbor to open so I can get a dive in, I find that PdC has a lot more to offer´than Cozumel. With diving not on the agenda in Cozumel, all thats lert is either shopping or renting a jeep or scooter to tour the island

Anna said...

HUmn.. Well I agree that perhaps there is more readily available on the mainland BUT we do have beautiful beaches, Mayan ruins, horse back riding, surfing (kite, wind and regular), cave diving... and to be fair Playa also suffers port closures. Its also easy to zap across to the mainland you run out of things to to on Cozumel. I guess I love the Island BECAUSE it is peaceful.

Johnny said...

No argument about the beauty of the island, but sometimes even that wears out. I did try to contact German during the three-day port closure but he was unfortunately unreachable.