Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophia's Birthday Saturday

On to more savory topics, this weekend was Sophia's Birthday. After a week of pretty much no work, I'd decided to officially take the day off. Of course the referral couple I'd planed to start on Sunday decided to move their dives up to Saturday. They wanted to start at 12.30 and during my briefing at Sunset beach realized that they did not have their booties. There was nothing for it but for them to go back to the hotel to get them. So an hour later we were in the water. At 4 I was just finishing up after the second dive.
I try to be very relaxed when I am teaching but after saying my goodbyes I dove into me car, careered home in/ out of the shower and was on the ferry by 4.45 - phew - not bad going. I kind of like the ferry journey to Playa. I tend to watch my i-pod on the way there, it like time stands still for 45 mins and you can feel like watching 45 mins of True Blood is a very useful way to spend your time.
Hans and Allie met me off the ferry and we walked up 5th Ave. Playa is getting BUSY! We stopped for a glass of wine in a posh wine bar on 5th and then met Sophia, her boyfriend Graham and other friend (who's name escapes me) in a nice little Italian restaurant.
I'll be honest I ate like a pig. I'd been eating at home all week. Baked potatoes and tuna, pasta and sauce and the odd fish taco. Also that day all I'd managed to eat since breakfast was a snickers bar. So I inhaled dinner (as well as some bread and cheese in the wine bar earlier!). Hey its good to over eat from time to time.
At 10.15 I was flagging. I have to admit I REALLY like to sleep on the ferry on the way home. I get three seats and lie down and pass out for 45 mins - the sound of the engine is very soothing, as is being rocked side to side. I kind of left the group a little earlier than I could have because the ferry usually loads at 10.40 (leaves at 11) and I figured I could squeeze in an extra 20 mins sleeping. The journey was as good as usual -a fantastic 1hr 15min cozy sleep.
It was a very nice evening with good friends. Felt just like being in New Jersey for the night. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!!!!!!


rscalzo said...

I really think it is time to move back to Hoboken. you seem to be having way too much fun and way too much partying...

Anna said...