Friday, November 7, 2008


Well I've been working this past week. I really enjoy it. We stand around the pool in the mornings attracting people to take advantage of their free scuba lesson and then dive with them off the beach. I worked almost every day this week. I've had two very nice customers who I really enjoyed teaching - I think they got a lot out of the classes. My co-workers do not get along well but so far it has not caused me too much angst. I'm lovong the peaceful feeling I get from diving every day and its nice to be in a situation where a good mood really affects the money you make. It really does pay to be in a good mood in this job.
My hair has been very dry but I've come to realize that if I rinse it in fresh water immediately after I get out of the ocean it is not too bad. I also have a routine now of putting my sarong on after diving so that I don't mess up all of my clothes. One of the girls from yoga, Sarah, is a massage therapist at Sunset Beach, and its nice to be able to chat to her after my dives.

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