Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feet... Be Responsible

Those who know me will know that I have a bit of a thing for feet. I've been known to go off great guys after a day at the beach when a fungal toe nail has come to light. I once spent two hours watching a guy I liked snoozing with no socks on trying to reconcile myself to his knarled feet. I can't stand nasty feet touching mine. You get the picture.
So you can imagine my horror when during a yoga class I glanced down at my big toe - there it was A TOE WART (Veruga in Spanish). It was pretty small and toe colored but all the same - there it was.
Denial came first, then blame (I remembered setting up a pose with my head lent back staring at the bottom of a co-classmate's foot soles - big black verruca - I MUST HAVE CAUGHT IT OFF NASTY FOOT GIRL - you know who you are), then shame. Uuurrrgghh how could this happen to me. I'm so careful - it is for this reason that I bought my own yoga mat and I always wear protection (flip flops) in public showers.
OK so no use crying over spilled milk, I reasoned. I had to go to the pharmacy and explain my nasty situation. I was given a bottle of liquid and told to apply it once a day. I figured once every two hours might be more prudent in the circumstances.
You will all be relieved to know that the said affliction has been removed. I have a little scar which is well on the way to healing. The world has almost returned to balance. In a few weeks I will have forgotten this unpleasant little episode.
This has been a pretty traumatic experience for me and I would like to ask everyone to take a little look at the soles of their feet. Anything worty down there? If so its contageous and very easily treatable so please act responsibly and deal with the situation.


Cat said...

Disaster averted! Well done Anna! I can almost feel your wart removal superpower from here!! ; ) Yikes, you are lucky to have a toe left!!! I am sure your feet are back to being beach worthy! ; ))

Anna said...

They are almost back to their normal state - thank you - still a little tender from the entire affair!